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Upload your files to Insite
Kodak Insite is an online proofing and approval portal that allows you to interactively upload your files to Vision Web. Once your files are uploaded they are automatically processed. Notification emails are sent to you and Prepress to let us know your files are in. We request that you approve your files online before we start the imposition proofing and plating process.

Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 with Java 1.3 or higher. For more information click the following link: http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/java/

Collection of Files of Native Files (Quark, Indesign)
All files need to be collected and organized into a document file (Quark, Indesign) Links folder for all of the support files, and all of the fonts that were used. Please only use Postscript Type 1 fonts. Any Illustrator or Corel Draw Documents need to have all text converted to outlines and images converted to CMYK. If there are any questions about the above procedures please contact Vision Web before you send your files.

PDF Instructions
In order to prepare a PDF properly, it needs to be a 300dpi PDF, if it is in color it needs to be CMYK and include bleed if the file needs to bleed. No register marks or color bars needed in the PDF. All marks are added by Vision Web in a custom template.

If the file is grayscale, the file needs to be prepared in grayscale mode, so the black printer will separate properly.

Please verify that all PDF files that are sent are the proper resolution. You may do this by contacting your CSR at Vision Web and obtaining the proper PDF presets for the native application or you can download the Indesign presets from the links below. Download instructions for loading Indesign Presets here.

Preset for Indesign CS

Preset for Indesign CS2

Preset for Indesign CS3

Download Presets for QuarkXpress.

Please do not submit files in a printers spread format. All files should be built in readers spreads. (Ex. 1,2,3.....) consecutive order.

If there are any questions about PDF's and compatibility visit Adobe's website for further information.

For Credit Forms - please download the following and fax to (770) 564-1377 for approval.



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